Requirement for Grants

Important! Requirements for Fall 2023 will be updated from those used in the past. Please review the guidelines and updated rubric prior to submission.

Requirements for Grant Proposals (2023)

The guidelines provided below outline the necessary components of a Fall Grant proposal.

Fall Grant Proposal Guidelines

Grant Proposal Scoring Rubric (2023)

The rubric below will help you understand how your grant application will be scored. Two reviewers will score each project and the average scores of each project will be compared across applicants to determine funding awards. As of 2020, all projects submitted for Fall Grants will be scored according to one rubric.

Fall Grant Proposal Rubric

Foundation Video Upload and PDF SubmissionTips

Students who wish to be considered for a Foundation Grant are required to submit a two-minute video describing their project. A walkthrough of how to upload a video to YouTube for submission can be found in the PDF below along with instructions on how to convert common file types to PDF files.

YouTube Video Upload and PDF Conversion Instructions