Why Do Research

What are research, scholarly, and creative projects?

Undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative projects involve the creation of new knowledge within the field and are one way in which undergraduate students work with faculty to move their learning forward. These projects vary based on their department and field, but may take the form of art exhibitions, lab research, survey data analysis, and other forms of academic scholarship. The projects build on existing knowledge or techniques and seek to answer questions or contribute to methods of artistry.
Throughout the process of research and creative work, students develop professional and academic skills that will help them move forward in their careers and academic goals while building relationships with faculty. While the process may vary by department and even by faculty mentor, there is no discipline or department that cannot participate in undergraduate work in some way. Students may have the opportunity to expand on previously-existing projects completed by their mentor and some may develop a project on their own.

Why do students get involved in undergraduate Research?

  • Transform your educational experience
  • Build confidence
  • Increase collaboration skills
  • Make real-world connections and apply classroom knowledge
  • Prepare professional and graduate work skills

Why do faculty include undergraduate students in research?

  • Celebrate student successes
  • Gain assistance with scholarly work
  • Promote scholarship
  • Facilitate real-world application of class topics
  • Gain additional funding for research work with undergraduates