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Essentials of Grant Proposal Development Workshop

This professional development series aims to take the mystery out of grant writing by walking participants through the process with a step-by-step guide. The course includes getting started in grant writing, finding and selecting funding opportunities, crafting a proposal development plan, creating a proposal narrative, understanding required proposal elements, preparing a budget, and more. Free registration is provided through the university's subscription.


How do i recruit students for undergraduate research?

Start by speaking with students from your classes and explaining to them your research interests and expectations. Consider attending meetings of student academic organizations such as honors societies or clubs or ask them to make an announcement in their next meeting. Some faculty have been known to post flyers in department offices or buildings to help spread the word.

What kind of funding is available for me? For my students?

Research funding is available to faculty researchers through many sources regardless of field of study or department. Colleagues in your department may have further suggestions of funding opportunities. Additionally, the URC provides funding to undergraduate research projects through the annual fall grant cycle. 

Faculty Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about URC and Foundation Grants - Faculty

What kinds of projects can my students submit for grants through the URC and the University Foundation?

Students can submit both research projects and creative works for grant funding. Past winners have come from every college on campus, and we encourage students from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit and pursue academic excellence.

What can funding be used for?

Supplies grant funding can be used to purchase lab materials, art materials, and most other kinds of necessary tools and equipment for student work. Money is transferred to department cost centers and typically used via the reimbursement process. Equipment purchased in this way belongs to the department under which the research was conducted.

How often is funding available?

Funding for supplies and student stipends is awarded on an annual basis in the fall, with applications closing typically mid-October. Funding for student travel and conference presentations is awarded on a year-round basis while funding is available.

How is funding awarded?

Funding is awarded based upon scoring of student proposals by faculty members from different disciplines. Two faculty members score each proposal and average scores for each proposal are scored. Highest-scored proposals are awarded funding with approximately the top 20 projects per year receiving Foundation Stipends and Grants.

How many students can work on a project submitted for a grant?

While the URC has no restrictions to how many students can work on a grant project, the number of students best suited to work together depends on the type of project and its intensity. Generally speaking, projects submitted to the URC have one to three students listed on their applications.

Does the grant application process change if multiple students are working on the same project?

If multiple students are working on the same project, the application process stays largely the same. In addition to the three-page proposal, each student will need to submit their contact information as well as a statement of preparation (no more than 300 words) describing their individual skills and knowledge that will allow them to contribute to the work. How proposal writing is divided among students is under the discretion of the students and their faculty mentor, but the proposal should be consistent in quality throughout if written by multiple people. Additionally, for projects submitting for Foundation Stipends and Grants, only one student is required to present in their video submission. Other students may assist if they would like.

Have other questions?

More information can be found on the fall grant cycle here.

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