About Us

The URC assists students in identifying faculty mentors, offers grants for undergraduates seeking funding for research, supports the Undergraduate Research Symposium, hosts an online peer reviewed journal, helps students identify internships, and encourages undergraduate presentations at local, regional, national and international meetings. In addition, the URC currently leads the MN State system’s Undergraduate Research Initiative in convening a special session called Posters at St. Paul in which students present their work to state representatives and guests with the goal of increasing the platform of undergraduate research at the state-level.


The mission of the URC is to actively engage faculty and students in mentoring relationships that enable students to participate directly in the research process from its inception through the dissemination of new knowledge so that students ultimately view themselves as participants in a community of scholars. The URC staff members and Council encourage all undergraduates to participate in research, scholarship or creative activities. Participation in undergraduate research transforms students’ educational experience, builds confidence and strong faculty collaborations, increases engagement with other students, and alters their self-concept and world-view.

Goals (2019-2020)

  1. Empower the UR Council to be strong campus-wide advocates of undergraduate research.

  2. Increase the number of departments, faculty and students participating in undergraduate research at MNSU.

  3. Work with the Foundation and the URC Council, promote, select awardees, and distribute research grants.

  4. Continue to develop a student-led group called the Student Undergraduate Research Council.