Undergraduate Research Center Council

Utilizing a nomination and selection process that occurs through shared governance; the URC Council includes staff, administration, and faculty representatives from every college. Council members actively serve on a variety of URC initiatives and committees that support student success. Council members also act as the voice of our faculty. The duties of the council members, aside from attending regular council meetings, included acting as judges and moderators during the Undergraduate Research Symposium, acting as reviewers for the grant cycle, and providing ideas and feedback on events and planning within the URC.

College Faculty Name Department Term
CSET Rachel Cohen Biological Sciences 2019-2022
SBS Shawna Petersen-Brown Psychology 2019-2022
SBS Kristen Abbott Anderson Nursing 2020-2022
A&H Heather McIntosh Mass Media 2019-2022
COB Wade Davis Accounting & Business Law 2019-2022
AHN Sheen Chiou Speech, Hearing, & Rehabilitation 2019-2023
COE Kerrigan Mahoney K-12 & Secondary Programs 2021-2024
Library Bobby Bothmann Library 2019-2022
At Large Jessica Albers Human Performance 2020-2023
At Large Correy Selland Human Performance 2019-2022
At Large Jeff Dennis Sociology 2020-2023
At Large Mohammad Yamin Civil Enginering 2020-2023
At Large Areca Roe Art and Design 2020-2023
At Large Samantha Katner Biochemistry 2020-2023
Exofficio Leah White Honors Program


Exofficio Kristel Seth RASP 2018-Present
Exofficio Kristen Cvancara Fellowships 2020-Present