Project Modifications

If the reviewers ask you to make changes to your documents, you will submit an Amendment/Modification. 

  1. Copy and paste or click the URL  
  2. Find Researcher Training Resources  and in the paragraph below that heading click on the link "resources."
  3. Type in the special username and password found at this link.  The link will not work unless you are signed in to your Minnstate account. If you do not know how to sign in to your Minnstate account, contact IT.
  4. Under R2: Post-Submission Advanced Topics, a link is provided to download the pdf that has step-by-step instructions. You might be prompted again to enter the special username/password from step 3 above.

In the above training materials, you may hear about unlocking submissions. This IRB does NOT unlock submissions.

This is a short video clip IRB has provided. We hope it helps.