Leaving Campus Procedure

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for storing consent forms for 3 years after submission of a Closure request. If the PI leaves the employment of the University prior to the 3 years, measures should be taken to store the consent forms in the former department, and the IRB should be informed of the new location by submitting a Revision. If storage within the department is not feasible, then the PI should

(a) make sure the consent forms are labeled with the IRBNet Id Number

(b) hand carry the consent forms to the Graduate Office,

(c) request that the Graduate Office take responsibility for storing the consent forms for the remaining portion of the 3 years.

If someone else is going to ‘take over’ and complete the research, you will also need to submit a Revision changing the name of the PI. In addition, you will need to change the name of the PI listed in the IRBNet system. Contact the IRB Director before you submit the Revision for assistance with the name change in IRBNet