RASP Spotlight on Research Success

Congratulations to faculty and staff who SUBMITTED proposals & received AWARDS for October 2021:

College of Education
Total Awards:  $55,000
Elizabeth Finsness, Tracy Stokes -Hernandez, Laura Maki
College of Science, Engineering and Technology 
Total Awards:  $10,000
Kimberly Musser
Total Submissions:  $3,431,179
Rajeev Bukralia, Keenan Hartert, Bryce Hoppie, Kimberly Musser, Sherrise Truesdale, Chad Wittkop
College of Allied Health and Nursing
Total Awards:  $624,612
Debra Gohagan, Kimberly Zammit
Total Submissions:  $116,000
Patricia Beierwaltes, Angela Monson
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Total Submissions:  $135,564
Atrayee Ghosh Roy
Division of Academic Affairs
Total Submissions:  $1,830,764
Aaron Budge, Brian Martensen
Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships
Total Submissions: $48,899
Tammy Bohlke
Division of Student Affairs
Awards: $40,000
Carolyn Nelson
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