RASP Celebrates Research Success

Congratulations to faculty and staff who SUBMITTED proposals & received AWARDS for February 2023:

College of Allied Health and Nursing

Total Awards:  $208,407
    •  Pamela Briese, Emily Fashinigbauer & Alyssa Delgado -"Dental Health Safety Net Grant"
    • Thad Shunkwiler, Jennifer Londgren & Roy Kammer -"Mental Health Cultural Community Continuing Education Grant"
    • Thad Shunkwiler & Jennifer Londgren -"Health Professional Clinical Training Expansion Grant Program"

Total Submissions:  $10,000

    • Pamela Briese, Emily Fashinigbauer & Alyssa Delgado -"Community Development Block Grant"

College of Science, Engineering and Technology 

Total Awards:  $116,862

    • Angela Archer & Kimberly Musser -"Mt Simo collaboration 2023-2027"
    • Michael Rutkowski -"PASSAGES: Parallel Application of Slitless Spectroscopy to analyze galaxy evolution"
    • Michael Rutkowski -"PIE - Parallel Ionizing Emissivity Survey"
    • Ryan Wersal -"AERF Undergraduate Internship NPDES"
    • Xuanhui Wu & Puteri Megat-Hamari -"Thin Film 2023 Electrical Engineering Contract"
    • Min Li & Xuanhui Wu  -"Thin Film 2023 Mechanical Engineering Contract"
    • Cody Mann -"#Night"

Total Submissions:  $937,008

    • Fatih Bektas -"Alkali-Silica Reaction Mitigation Strategies with Specific Admixtures"
    • Elizabeth Pluswik, Catherine Spence, Dennis Rogalsky, Robert Sleezer, Jodi Nelson -"Engineering for One Planet"
    • Chad Wittkop - "A unified approach to resolving disparate interpretations of oxygen records after the Great Oxidation Event"
    • Puteri Megat-Hamari, Xuanhui Wu, Bhushan Dharmadhikari, Andrew Clough, Muhammad Khaliq -"Equipment: MRI: Track #1: Acquisition of ICP-RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) for Research and Training Activities at MNSU Mankato"
    • Lauren Singelmann - "NOEL - Network for Open Ended Learning (Letter of Intent)"
    • Rebecca Bates - "Collaborative Research: The Peer Review Institute (PERI)"
    • Kimberly Musser - "Le Sueur River Watershed Soil Health Initiative"

College of Business

Total Submissions:  $2,500

    • Nguyen, Nguyen-"Martin Lowy Income Contract"

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Total Submissions:  $7,000

    • Dale Haefner-"Performance Series Operating Support Grant"

Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnerships

Total Awards:  $30,000

    • Tammy Bohlke-"Lou-Rich MJSP Grant"

Total Submissions:  $35,788

    • Tammy Bohlke - "Ecumen Pathstone Living MJSP Grant"