RASP Celebrates Research Success

Congratulations to faculty and staff who SUBMITTED proposals & received AWARDS for May 2022:

College of Allied Health and Nursing
Total Submissions:  $110,000
    • Brigette Cooper -"Compeer Dental Hygiene Scholarship"
    • Brigette Cooper - "Delta Dental ADT FY2023 Grant"
    • Jennifer Marr & Ross Aalgaard - "Take Charge:  Your Well-being and Wellness"
Total Awards:  $5,000
    • Brigette Cooper -"Compeer Dental Hygiene Scholarship"

College of Science, Engineering and Technology 

Total Submissions:  $13,411
    • Rebecca Bates- "EAGER Collaborative Proposal: Building a Community of Mentors in Engineering Education Research Through Peer Review Training - SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDING"
    • Ryan Wersal -"Assessing the Turion Bank Dynamics of Curly Pondweed in Bass Lake, Faribault County, MN and Development of Strategies for Control of this Species"
    • Chad Wittkop & Beth Fisher -"Circle Lake Monitoring 2022"
Total Awards:  $310,666
    • Ryan Wersal -"USACOE Diploid Flowering Rush 22-23"
    • Jacob Swanson -"Guide for Protecting Transportation Employees and the Traveling Public from Airborne Diseases"
    • Ruijun Zhao "Collaborative Research: A new multi-scale framework for integrating socio-economic processes, vector-borne disease control, and the impact of transient events"

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Total Awards:  $35,000
    • Chelsea Mead, Megan Heutmaker & Maria-Renee Grigsby -"MNSU Minnesota Indian Teacher Training Program (MNSU-MITTP)"

Library Services

Total Submissions: $10,000
    • Patrick Tebbe "Piloting the Maverick Research Ambassador Program"

Strategic Business, Education and Regional Partnereships

Total Awards:  $313,166
    • Tammy Bohlke -"TBEI Workforce Training Grant"
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