RASP Celebrates Research Success

Congratulations to faculty and staff who SUBMITTED proposals & received AWARDS for November 2023:

College of Allied Health and Nursing

Total Awards: $160,000
    • David Beimers, Anitha Peddireddy, Hans-Peter De Ruiter - "Rural Minnesota Health Scholars Program"
    • Brigette Cooper - "Delta Dental ADT Dual Track Student Scholarships"

College of Education

Total Submission:  $193,972
    • Cheng Wang - "ACRP Policy and Planning Products Update"
    • Leslie Locke -"Moving on up? The Working-Class Working in the Academy"

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Total Awards: $15,000
    • Dan Sachau - "Organizational Health Survey Reporting Support for Medtronic"
Total Submissions: $15,000
    • Dan Sachau - "F & G Annuities Contract"

College of Science, Engineering and Technology

Total Awards: $7,986
    • Angela Archer, Kimberly Musser - "Mount Simon Collaboration 2023-2027 (Year 2)"
Total Submissions: $128,268
    • Kimberly Musser - "Southern Minnesota Conservationists in Training"
    • Mriganka De-"Past the Learning Curve: Does Long-Term Integrated Soil Health Management Lower N Requirements, Increase Biodiversity, and Suppress Weeds?"

Institutional Diversity

Total Awards: $57,380
    • Abdurrahman Guantai- "Mavigator: Helping Underrepresented Students During the First Year of College (Year 1)"