Affinity Groups at Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Definition of Affinity Group:  a group of people having a common interest or goal or acting together for a specific purpose – Merriam-Webster (


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 …Connecting people across colleges, increasing grant participation, building on existing work, improving our university, expanding on shared ideas and new opportunities, involving community, enhancing options for students…

University based Affinity Groups have significant impact both in what they accomplish as a team in terms of research, program development, grant and contract procurement; as well as in the professional growth and success of individual team members.

  • Who is included in Affinity Groups?  Affinity groups can include: faculty, administrators, staff, students, community members, businesses – anyone interested in the topic, goal or interest.
  • Benefits to belonging to Affinity Groups.  Working with others with a similar interest, increasing and/or expanding professional skills, securing additional resources, adding to PDP/PDR, being recognized as a leader, contributing to University’s strategic directions and much more…
  • Commitment to Affinity Groups?  Highly effective affinity groups gather on a regular basis whether in person or through the use of technology.  They intentionally set agendas and pursue group goals related to research, program development/expansion, outreach, and/or service. They pursue external resources to fund their shared work and benefit from working together.
  • What are our current active Affinity Groups?
Affinity Group Name Convener*(s) 
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Jeremy Geske, Mriganka De
Health and Biomedical Science Corey Selland, Kristi Oeding
Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology Patrick Tebbe
Disability Alliance Jessica Schomberg, William (Eric) Strong
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chris Corley & Jennifer Veltos
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  • How do I get involved?     

             Contact Anne Ludvik, Affinity Group Coordinator at