​Forms For Administering Grants & Contracts

Required for all Externally Funded Grants & Contracts
  • Campus Approval for Externally Funded Projects (CAEFP) (Updated 9/26/2022) - includes Financial Conflict of Interest Statement of Disclosure -(download and save form before completing).  
      • Please note:  Submitting paperwork for an external funding application less than five (5) working days within the deadline to RASP does not allow that office a sufficient timeline for providing a comprehensive review.  When this occurs, any errors in the application and/or proposal components are those of the PI(s) and the University reserves the right to withdraw any application that does not comply with the university, state, or federal requirements.
  • Request for New Grant/Contract Account and Budget (to set up cost center for new awards) - Please download and save form before completing.
Modify an Existing Award
Federal Time and Effort Form (Annual)
Budget Transaction (to change a budget in a cost center)
Affinity Groups
Permission to Use Campus Resources
Checklist for Export Control Issues for Foreign National Employees on H-1B Visa