Federal & State Regulations

Research activities at Minnesota State University, Mankato are governed by federal and state regulations as well as University policies. These policies have been instituted to ensure scientific integrity, safeguard the welfare of animal and human subjects, and protect the health and safety of faculty and staff, students, and visitor to campus.

MSU, Mankato Regulations

Minnesota State University, Mankato adheres to a strict policy of compliance. All members of the University community are responsible for familiarizing themselves, and complying with all applicable regulations and policies. Failure to do so places not only the University, but also the individual community member at risk for violations which could result in substantial administrative, civil and criminal fines and penalities.

Funder's Expectations

Be aware of the terms of your award and fulfill them. You must comply with both the funder's expectations, which should correlate with your proposal, and with requirements of Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Roles & Responsibilities Associated with Grants & Contracts

Intellectual Property Policy Statement

The Board of trustees endeavors to develop and maintain a post-secondary educational system marked by academic excellence. Reseach and development of original works and inventions that require intellectual property protection are a vital part of the academic community. The Board recognizes and acknowledges that system colleges and universities may create or commission the creation of such works on its behalf and incorporates in Board policy the traditional commitment to faculty and student ownership in scholarly work.

If you have questions please contact Research & Sponsored Programs.