Now that you've received your award, here is a list of several things a principle investigator should periodically watch for during the reconciling process:

  • Review the budget so you know what to expect
  • Be aware of salaries, prepare submittals as appropriate, make note of future appointments (summer salaries, etc.) and set up reminders
  • IRB training (Starting Fall 2020, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Minnesota State University, Mankato will require all researchers to complete some training before IRB will review submissions. More information can be found on the IRB website.
  •       FFAFTA reporting - If subcontracting with federal funds of $25,000 or more, the prime recipient (University) will comply with the disclosure and reporting requirements of the Federal Funding Accountability & Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA) (and subsequent 2008 amendments). Reports are to be submitted in the FFATA Sub-award or obligation was executed. Reporting responsiblities cannot be delegated to sub-recipients. Once a subaward report is submitted in, no other reports are required for that subaward unles there are modifications to that subaward during its lifecycle.
  • Minnesota State Employee Code of Conduct - Employees shall not directly or indirectly receive or agree to receive any payment of expense, compensation, gift, reward, gratuity, favor, service or promise of future employment or other future benefit from any source, except the state for any activity related to the duties of the employee unless otherwise provided by law.
  • Scholarships - It is the responsibility of the PI to inform Student Financial Services of projects that will be awarding scholarships to students.
  • Student personnel - please reference Student Payroll for more information on policies, procedures and forms required for setting up students on payroll.
  • Graduate assistantship - please reference Student Payroll at  for information on policies, payroll information and packets for hiring graduate assistants.
  • Faculty/staff personnel - please contact the department administrative assistant for information on loading salary for staff that will be paid on the project. 
  • University Travel - please reference University Travel for information on policies, expense reimbursement allowances, travel links and forms required for traveling.  Please note that employee expense reports must be sumbitted for reimbursement within 60 days after the expense is incurred or the trip ends.  If a request for reimbursement is not submitted within 60 days, the reimbursement becomes taxable income to the employee.
  • Subcontracts - please reference Contracts for information regarding any subcontracts that will be required for the project.  Examples of sample contracts are listed along with amendments, contract renewals, encumbering funds and inter-agency agreements.
  • Watch for expenses on the account (general supplies, hosting, etc.) and resolve unallowable charges promptly. For federal funds with travel, be sure to comply with the Fly America Act which mandates that U.S.-certificated air carriers must be used for foreign air travel funded by Federal dollars unless a reasonable exception is applied.
  • If cost sharing was approved, discuss with the appropriate department how this is to be handled
  • Reconcile regularly and correct errors on a timely basis (within 120 days).
    • Watch for overspending! The guarantor cost center listed on the internal grant account form is responsible for covering any deficits on the account.
    • Watch for underspending! It could be a sign that some expenses are charged to the wrong account or that an appointment has not been set up.
  • Be aware of the end date. Stop spending and remove all HR appointments. If you believe you will require an extension in order to complete your project, please contact RASP approximately ninety days prior to the ending date of the agreement so there is time to receive the funding agency's approval.
  • Note the dates of reporting to the funding agency:
    • Narrative annual/final reports - Provide to RASP for proof of reporting and delivery for the sponsored project file.
    • Financial Reports - The Business Services Office is responsible for financial reporting. They will contact you with any questions regarding completion of financial reports.

If you have questions please contact Research & Sponsored Programs.