Faculty Research Grant Final Report

Faculty Research Grant Final Report (PDF)

FRG Final Reports describe the research or creative project undertaken by Minnesota State University, Mankato faculty using funds dispersed by the Faculty Research Committee.

Included in the final report for a Faculty Research Grant should be the following:

  • Summary: Provide an overview of the project that outlines the goals and importance of the completed project.
  • Objectives/Methods: State the general purpose and major objectives of the project, along with a description of the process/methods used to accomplish the objective(s).
  • Contribution(s) to the Field: Describe how the project contributed to your own personal research and to your field of study.
  • Dissemination: Demonstrate how you disseminated or publicized your results (specify venues for exhibition opportunities, journals selected to submit an article(s) for publication, submission to external funding opportunities, etc.)
  • Budget: Detail the amount of funding awarded and spent. If applicable, provide a justification for any variation from the proposed budget.
  • Outcome of FRG Funds: Include information specific to the outcomes of the seed funding:  the resulting dissemination, submissions for external funding, etc.

Final Report Submission Requirements

  • A final written report must be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) no later than 90 days following the project period. Electronic submission is welcome.
  • Grantees should include a section specific to the outcomes of the seed funding: the resulting dissemination, submissions for external funding, etc. The RASP Director, in consultation with the Committee chairs as needed, is responsible for reviewing and approving these reports.
  • See page 2 of the FRG Application Guidelines for more information.

Note: Grant recipients will not be eligible for future grants until the final report is received and acknowledged.