Checklist for Getting Started  View as PDF

  1. Identify research or outreach concept.
  2. Contact a Grant Specialist at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for assistance in locating funding for concept.
  3. Following selection of funding opportunity, review the RFP/application thoroughly to be sure you understand everything that is involved.
  4. Run your idea by the grant's Program Officer. Your contact with the Program Officer can be crucial to the success of your proposal.
  5. Get approval to pursue funding from your Department Head, Dean, or appropriate authority.
  6. Request or collect data, CVs, budgetary needs, letters of commitment/support and other pertinent information needed to plan, support, and write the grant.
  7. Identify and select writers for each of the grant's selections.
  8. Assign due dates for the planning and preparation of your grant, the budget and appropriate attachments or appendices. The Grant Specialists at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs can provide you with assistance.
  9. If you will submit your grant electronically, register now for submittal. Early registration can prevent delays later.