Summer Research Opportunities

 Why should I participate?

  • Gain more research experience
  • Get paid for your research
  • Live in a different state or country for a summer
  • Meet people who are as passionate about your field as you

General things to keep in mind if you are interested in summer research:

  • Most programs require or strongly encourage at least one year of research experience prior to beginning the summer program.
  • Plan ahead! Try to at least spend your junior year doing undergraduate research at MNSU so you can spend your summer before you graduate in a research program. More ideally, however, you would already have one year of research under your belt before applying.
  • Programs may require current status as an undergraduate (i.e. if you graduated in May, you may not qualify for the summer program).
  • Deadlines for programs usually vary from November through February prior to the summer you are interested in doing research, so have a running list of the programs you wish to apply to and all of their requirements early in the fall.
  • Almost all programs will require multiple recommendation letters- be proactive and ask for these very early in the fall semester.
  • Apply for many programs (at least 10). It is not uncommon to apply for 10-15 programs and only receive 1-2 acceptances.

Why should I participate in a summer research program?

  • Drastically improves your chances of acceptance into graduate programs, primarily those that will involve research (e.g. Master's, PhD, and MD/PhD programs).
  • Provides you with greater research experience, tools, and preparation for furthering your education in graduate programs.
  • If you research at an academic institution, you can develop relationships with faculty and admissions counselors to improve your chances of acceptance into that institution.
  • Expand your job resume in demonstrating your ability to problem-solve and work in a team setting, as well as improve your public speaking skills through dissemination of your project.
  • Many programs provide the chance for students to be paid to live in and experience a new city, state, or country.

This is not an exhaustive list of programs. If you don't see one in a university, location, or topic you're interested in, a quick internet search should let you know what other opportunities exist.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health Sciences


Engineering and Math


Geography and Geology

History and Philosophy