Graduate School/Fellowships

Graduate School

Research is one of the many ways graduate school applicants can improve their odds of being accepted. While programs do not always make undergraduate research a requirement for admission, they often look for applicants with the experience and skills cultivated by the process.

Tips for Applying to Graduate School

Start Preparing Early

Your undergraduate experiences should all contribute to developing your skills for graduate level study. Take advantage of research, volunteer, and other hands-on experiences early in your undergraduate career.

Know the Admission Requirements of Each Program

Each program you apply to will have different requirements (ex: entrance exams, personal statements, essays, GPA). Know these requirements and make sure you submit the necessary materials.

Identify Strong Recommendations

Throughout your undergraduate career, make connections with employers and faculty. These relationships will not only support you during your time as an undergraduate, but will help you gain powerful recommendations from your letter writers.

Know Your Passions

Graduate study is time-intensive and involves more rigorous involvement in fieldwork and research than undergraduate education. Be sure you are passionate about the work you're applying to do.

Need more help in applying to graduate school? Visit the Career Development Center's Graduate School Resource Page for more information.


A fellowship is a short-term opportunity through universities and other organizations focused on the development of professional skills such as research, leadership, community organization, and many more. Fellowships may support graduate study in many different disciplines or funding for other important and professional work.

Need more help in finding fellowship opportunities? Stuck on an application? Visit the University Fellowships Office Website for more information.