Propose A Project

Project Proposal Tips

Understand What Questions Your Research Will Try to Answer

High quality academic research begins with a hypothesis and a question to be answered

Make the Purpose of Your Research Clear

How might your results move the field forward? What will it contribute to current discussions?

Connect Your Project to Research in the Field

Make sure your project is rooted in theory, previous findings, and other rationale.

Have a Clear Title

A short, clear title will help your readers or listeners understand your project from the start

Follow the Guidelines

If the organization or individual you're submitting your proposal to provides guidelines, follow them as strictly as possible. These guidelines are there to aid you in the writing process and help reviewers know what to look for.

Work Closely With Your Faculty Mentor

Your faculty member is there to support you throughout this process. Meet with them frequently to discuss the writing process, your project methods and purpose, and any roadblocks you come to.

Start Well Before the Deadline

Map out your proposal with an outline and give yourself time to make edits for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.