CESR offers a wide variety of services to help faculty, staff, and advanced graduate students publish their original research. When working with graduate students, CESR requires that it be in conjunction with their adviors to be clear regarding project objectives. Please contact us if you need our assistance with any of the following research tasks, or if you have questions regarding our services.

Manuscript Editing

  • Editing in APA, MLA, and AMA styles
  • Checking for grammar, document coherence, and completeness
  • Formatting and organization
  • Responding to journal editors and reviewers
  • Tutoring for word processing, spreadsheet, and bibliographic software 
  • Finding academic journals for publication

Research Design and Data Analysis

  • Developing research ideas
  • Planning and implementing research designs
  • Analizing and interpreting data
    • Small-n & quasiexperimental designs,
    • Descriptive statistics,
    • Power analysis,
    • Regression,
    • Correlation,
    • and more.
  • Trouble Shooting statistical software for SPSS and R
  • Data coding
  • Data presentation
  • Consultation for research design
  • Tutoring for spreadsheet software and data management

Authorship Disputes

  • Determining who should be included as an author
  • Guiding faculty-student authorship 
  • Disputing resolution?

For more information on authorship, please see the Authorship Guidelines.

Please note: CESR does not do transcriptions.