Important Information

  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) The federal policy for the protection of human subjects is often referred to as the "Common Rule" which was published in 1991 and amended in 2018. The Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations that outline the guidelines for Institutional Review Boards are found in 45 CFR 46.
    •  Minnesota State Mankato's Policy on Research Misconduct outlines university policies on enforcing ethical conduct of research.
  • Institution Name: We are Minnesota State University, Mankato on first use, and Minnesota State Mankato on subsequent uses. We are not MSU or MSU,M or MSU, Mankato.
  • Working With Our School District ISD77

    This information was correct as of Aug 21, 2019. Our school district is is ISD 77. If you wish to conduct research with ISD 77, you should complete an application to conduct research that ISD 77 provides AFTER the research is approved by IRB. ISD 77 needs a minimum of 30 days to process applications.

To the best or our knowledge, Heather Mueller ( ) is the assistant who handles the requests, and Marni Moule ( is the assistant who can help. Those who have worked with ISD77 in the past recommend that you contact Marni for the most recent version of the ISD77 application.  It would be wise to get advice from a colleague who has conducted research with ISD77. IRB could try to help you find someone on campus who has been successful working with ISD77.

  • Using Student Work and Copyright

If you wish to use any work (photos, videos, text, and more) created by a student as part of a course assignment, you will need the student to sign a release allowing you to use the work. According to copyright law, anyone who created a work such as a video has the rights to the work unless they sign the copyright to another party. Just because a faculty member required the ‘work’ as part of a course assignment, the faculty member cannot publish or present them unless the faculty member has been given the right to use them. See more information in this Copyright Link.